Self-Defense and Fitness Training

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The thing that drives every individual to push themselves to a higher better level then their current position.


Work should be your relentless attack on meeting and or beating your goal! Grinding-Putting in work even on days you don't feel like it. Grinding!


Achievement! Previous goals were met or surpassed! Time to create newer and bigger goals. "I like this feeling, I can do anything"! Immediately write new goals, repeat!

The Hitman

Jason started training in boxing in 1994 under the "Holy Warrior" Joe Banks and then #8 ranked in the nation middleweight Tim Mudgett.

Due to working in the security field Jason decided to give Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a shot in 1998. During that time Jason implemented the "Defensive Tactics Team" at the local hospital he was working at because the increase in violent patients. Jason also trained with the Multnomah County Sheriff's CERT Team successfully passing the physical agility test required for team members.

In 2005 Jason had the opportunity to help a friend who was a professional MMA fighter by being his corner man. This lead to Jason having his first MMA fight in 2006. Jason competed for 10 years finishing with a record of 12 - 4. All of Jason's 12 wins were won by KO, TKO or Submissions never going to full distance. He was a 1 time Heavyweight Champion and 2 time Light Heavyweight Champion. As a Pro Jason went undefeated. Jason won the Silver Medal in 2017 BJJ Pan AMS.

San Francisco Open Gold Medalist, American Nationals Gold Medalist.

Jason holds the rank of Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Brian Espinoza. He also holds the rank of Instructor in Kickboxing, under Master Hung Tran. Throughout his fight career he trained his wrestling under Nick Braker.

Self-Defense and Fitness Training

Whether you are working toward a better body or learning to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm, Hitman Fitness and Self Defense can help you achieve your goals.

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